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President & CEO

Much like his father, Dale’s been fixing things as far back as anyone can recall...granted with far more skill these days.


When our founder, Mike, got sick in 2019, Dale’s management role at the shop was kicked up a gear to co-owner alongside his sister, Hannah. The two of them ran the shop together for a year and a half before shifting the shop’s management roles again, with Dale stepping into his role as president and CEO.

Beyond his role in being the glue that holds it all together, Dale is the man behind sales, business venture innovation, turning a profit on Kijiji and macromanagement. He manages the shop floor, relishing the moments where he gets out of the office and into the bays and is often the culprit behind random moments of off-tune singing or impromptu dancing.


Dale is in the process of completing his license at Algonquin College and has been managing work flow and sales at Kilby Auto since his early days at the shop in 2017. Always one to stay busy, Dale takes on utility trailer rebuild projects in his time away from day-to-day client work and can be found sandblasting, painting, rewiring and re-decking the odd flatbed if he isn’t out boating with country music blasting, bouncing around in his backhoe, snuggling his dog Jim, or lacing up skates to play a game of hockey.

Dale Kilby


Senior RV Technician

Bruce is widely referred to as a magician at Kilby Auto & RV, due to his incredible eye for aesthetics when it comes to our RV and trailer rebuild projects. His talent with returning things back to their former glory comes from the 25 years Bruce worked as an auto body technician, blending and matching vehicle paints and body work with an artists precision, despite being colour blind!


In the early 2000s, Bruce decided on a lifestyle change and transferred his expertise into his current role as an RV technician. For years he ran RV Protectors, a mobile RV service, where he visited his clients in their respective parks, fixing the odd issue and specializing in water damage and roof repairs. Through the years he bumped into Mike, and eventually became part of the team at Mike’s RV in 2017, bringing his talents, humour and client base with him.


When Bruce escapes from service calls, or the dreaded parts room inventory organization he’s been tasked with, he likes to spend his time fourwheeling or cottaging with his wife and dog.



Finance Administrator

An entrepreneur since she was 19, Anne spent her 20s building a successful residential and commercial cleaning business in the Ottawa area before signing on to organize and co-manage Mike’s Service Centre with its original owner, Mike Kilby. With her expertise, Anne helped grow the automotive shop exponentially before branching off and creating her bookkeeping and management business, Balancing Act Solutions.


Despite thinking her time organizing an automotive shop was over, Anne stepped in to help rebuild Kilby Auto & RV (known as Mike’s RV & Marine at the time) in June 2019 when Mike became increasingly sick from cancer. Anne has been an essential member of the Kilby Auto & RV team since. Incredibly talented in forensic bookkeeping and business processes, Anne and her dedicated team have been instrumental in stabilizing Kilby Auto.


Anne’s current role as Finance Administrator has brought an immense level of expertise to our team.


When she’s not toiling away in her office, Anne is typically outside tending to her property, or inside, undergoing yet another home renovation.


We highly recommend Balancing Act Solutions for all your business management, bookkeeping, financial organization and accounting needs.

Get in touch with Anne and her team here.



Shop Dog

Being a Golden Retriever, Jim is typically interested in being anywhere involving people and fun smells, so his time spent at the shop is thoroughly enjoyed--by both beast and human. While answering to “Jim”, we are also subject to calling him “Goat” considering his propensity to eat practically anything. It is due to this that he’s not always underfoot at the shop as we often opt to avoid the inevitable diarrhea and leave him at home with his two canine companions, Spry and Hooligan.




The legend behind the brand, mechanics for Mike started as a 14-year-old boy who took apart his family’s new lawn mower because he wanted to see how it worked.

In July 2019, Mike passed away from stage four colon cancer. Read more about who Mike was and all he did on his page.

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