We service nearly all automotive, RV, motor home, truck and trailer needs in our 4000 sq foot shop on one of Richmond, Ontario’s main streets. 


Can’t get your leisure vehicle to our location? No worries, we have a mobile RV service and will come to you!


Our team has a wealth of expertise to support our customers.


For our RV work, we set ourselves apart with our specialized knowledge for roof protection & repairs, as well as water damage rebuilds, yet over 25 years of experience has us capable of taking on all types of mechanical and structural problems a leisure vehicle can acquire.


Our mobile team serves the greater Ottawa Valley area, driving to service calls and appointments within 100km of our shop in Richmond, ON!


We are one of the only shops equipped to take on insurance claims and repairs for class A, B and C motor homes, as well as travel trailers and park models. If service work for leisure vehicles needs to be completed at our shop, but our customer’s don’t have the ability to get the unit to us, we have a haulage service to pick up and deliver units.


Please see our non-exhaustive list of services below!



Whenever our customers cannot get to us, we go to them! We spend our summers trekking through the Ottawa Valley and vicinity to long-term campsites and driveways alike, taking on service calls to repair points of concern on trailers, RVs and motor homes.


Our technicians are here to diagnose, estimate and take on whatever repairs our people need. We’re not here to change over parts and empty wallets, our aim is to provide effective and swift service to our customers, returning them to their schedules in safe, roadworthy vehicles. We always do our best to give our customers a head’s up about potential vehicle issues we see on the horizon and always build our weekly schedule to best support our clients’ availability.

Car Sound System


As a licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, we take on and process DOT safeties and annual inspections for cars, trucks, leisure vehicles and other units constantly. Have any work required to pass your safety? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, we’ll give you an estimate for repairs and get to work.


We’re ready to keep your fleet operational. We recognize the importance of keeping service vehicles up and running, and when they do break down, we’re here to get them back on the road as quickly as possible. We’re the proud maintenance shop for a number of fleets within the Ottawa region, including Roof Tops Roofing and Lawn & Order, and will clear a hoist as swiftly as we can to accommodate last-minute needs.



We have over two decades of expertise in roof repairs and preventative maintenance and strongly believe in updating caulking and seeking out potential water entry points before large scale renovations are required. However, when unit roofs go soft from water invasion, age or membrane failure, we’re here as the experts on roof repair work and the only mobile unit prepared to do the work at the unit’s location (when unable to bring to our shop).


Water damage is a common denominator in the leisure vehicle repairs we do. When left unchecked, water invasion quickly leads to the breakdown of structural integrity, as well as mould and mildew introduction. Our aim is always to prevent the need for large rebuilds, however when required, we can use our Sealtech machine to pinpoint the exact locations where units are leaking. Once leak points are sealed, we work to return the unit to its former condition, killing off mould growth, removing moisture and replacing, then refinishing interior and exterior components, whether it’s flooring, membrane, seals or benches and cabinetry. We’ve got you covered.

Fresh motor oil_edited.jpg


We keep numerous oil filters for a wide variety of vehicles constantly in stock, and if we don’t have your specific filter in our inventory, we can have the appropriate one here within the day to get your vehicle back on the road ASAP. We provide both regular and synthetic oil and will update your windshield sticker with the mileage reminder for when we should see you next.


Time for a tire swap? Whether it’s due to a season change or wear and tear, we’re here to source used or new tires for our clients, rims if required or desired, and will install and balance them for our customers efficiently. Tire changes on rims are $10/tire, off-rim tire changes are $20/tire. *for most vehicles* Additionally, we have used stock available, please inquire for prices and sizes!


Non-exhaustive list of talents

  • Air conditioning & heating

  • Appliances &  mechanical repair

  • Car & truck repair

  • Complete RV repair

  • DOT safeties

  • Electrical repair

  • Fabrication

  • General automotive repairs

  • Oil changes

  • RV haulage & set up

  • RV insurance & warranty repairs

  • RV mobile work

  • RV roof repair

  • RV renovations

  • RV unit interior repair / construction

  • Sealtech machine (leak testing for trailers, RVs, motor homes)

  • Tire changes & balancing

  • Trailer safeties

  • Welding

  • Winterizing & dewinterizing



$115 / hour

Our technicians and hoists are busy each day with work varying from commercial fleet maintenance to keeping the family car on the road for another year. Our breadth of experience stretches from American to overseas vehicles. We're happy to stay busy, whether that means run-of-the-mill oil and tire changes, rust-proofing sprays, or rebuild work on engines, lines and electrical work.


$125 / hour

Boy, do we stay busy with RV work! During the summer we’re on the road most days of the week, visiting customers in long-term campsites with issues from awning repairs to plumbing leaks and water damage to mechanical failures in slideouts and landing gears. During the winter months we line up rebuild projects for roofs, water damage, structural issues or larger maintenance work. We’re the only business in the Ottawa region with a mobile service for repairs and a Sealtech machine, used to pressurize unit walls and determine exact locations of water entry points.

Our work space! With three hoists and an additional bay for RV work, we're all set!
Did you know cabin air filters are one of the most over-looked services? Look how dirty this one was
Our senior RV technician, Bruce, on a service call to Pakenham.
One of MANY water damage rebuilds we've done!
An important part to check up on, that timing belt!
Just one of seemingly endless tire changes from tire season!
This lil' guy needed a little TLC.
Another trailer Dale painted, rewired and redecked.
Our senior RV technician, Bruce.
Ah water, so necessary for life, yet so pesky when left to its own devices on a chipboard roof.
Now doesn't this new roof just look so swanky!
A full day at the shop! Not to mention a one of our fleet clients, Rooftops Roofing!
Rustproofing the old faithful tractor for our fleet client, Lawn & Order!
One of our talented mechanics, Drew, hard at work and wishing the camera would go away.
Such a spiffy and shiny, newly painted flatbed trailer!
Sometimes we need all hands on deck when things get busy, even the littlest of hands.
Time for a makeover, little one!
Silly mechanics, that's not how you install tires!
Our version of a full house.
Rustproofing cars like a boss.
Now doesn't this look so much better than when it was covered in mould? We thought so too.
What a fancy new deck you have, I wonder who installed it?
We're big fans of rustproofing and swear by the positive impact it has on maintaining vehicles.
Welding can be so satisfying, and this baby needed it.
Sometimes we play hide and seek on Wednesdays.
In case you were wondering, this is part of a trailer.
Dale's sister Hannah is still waiting to receive thanks for how great this photo of him is.
Need tires? Let us know, we likely have your size in some gently used tires!
Drew is a mechanic, not an RV specialist. But sometimes he likes to pretend, and we're okay with it.
This is another part of a trailer. You're welcome.
Did you know we have a haulage service? Well now you do.
Like we said, boat winterizings.
The man, the myth, the legend: Michael Kilby and his Spider Man welding mask.
This photo was necessary to make the collage grid even. Forgive us.


Our message on each invoice

Please return after 200kms to have your tires retorqued. Additionally, you recognize: you are the person who requested that the above work be done and the material supplied, or you are the authorized agent for that person / company. You acknowledge indebtedness for the work being done and for materials supplied. There is no warranty on parts supplied by clients, nor for the labour required to address the defective item. The indebtedness is as shown hereon or the amount of any cheque or credit card given where the payment is dishonored. Title to the goods does not transfer until payment is received in full for services and parts supplied. 1738527 Ontario Inc. does not carry accounts. All payment is due upon receipt.